Your Responsibility Lies In Ensuring The Finest Air Quality.

The Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged the world in several ways, and it is now everyone’s responsibility to take all the appropriate measures to ensure that they stay away from the diseases.

Since it is a respiratory problem, it is vital to ensure that the quality of the air you breathe is the best possible you can.

This implies that you have to ensure proper air duct cleaning within your heating and cooling system is clean so that you leave no room that may compromise your health and that of your loved ones.

As far as cleaning your ducts are concerned, it may not be possible to clean them every week or every month since they don’t get dirty that fast.

However, you can take specific subtle measures to ensure improved efficiency to lower your risks of contracting the virus with the ducts acting as the conduits.

Clean and change the filtration and ventilation system

One of the highly recommended practices during the Covid-19 pandemic is the cleaning and changing the ventilation and filtration systems of your unit to reduce the risks of spreading the virus.

This involves thoroughly cleaning the air ducts, replacing the filters, and also ensuring that the common touchpoints are sanitized.

Sanitization should be done daily while changing the filters, and cleaning the vents should be done at least twice every three months.

Clean whenever there is excessive noise during operations

You may have just cleaned your unit, and then after a couple of weeks or days, you start getting excessive suspicious noise during the operation.

If your unit is mechanically sound, then the noise could indicate that you need to clean the system.

There are many reasons why dirt and other debris may accumulate in the ducts so quickly, and with the Covid-19 pandemic, you should never wait for your regular cleaning appointment to get rid of the noise.

The same should also be when you notice dust or particles getting blown out of the ducts. You can always use air duct cleaning services for quick results.

Clean when members of the family are displaying symptoms of respiratory ailments

During the pandemic, to consider air duct cleaning services in Montreal is when you notice members of your family starting to display symptoms of respiratory ailments.

It may not necessarily be Covid-19, but while you seek medical intervention, you should also clean the ducts because they are among the probable culprits for such.