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Professional dryer vent cleaning

Does your laundry take long to dry? Do you have to run the same load twice? Is the top of your dryer hot to the touch after each use? Rather than a faulty dryer, a clogged vent may be to blame. Since the dryer’s removable lint filter traps most of the lint as it passes through a load of laundry, always remember to clean it after and before each use.

Even though there’s a filter, pieces of lint can still sneak through and get caught in the cracks of the dryer duct. When there is a buildup of lint, the airflow is restricted, which can lead to overheating. If the air inside the duct is hot enough, it can ignite the lint and cause a fire in the dryer.

Most people don’t really think about having their dryer vents cleaned. Nonetheless, there is a multitude of benefits to unclogging dryer vents. The result is a decrease in the growth of pollutants and allergens and reduced utility bills. This article presents the many benefits of dryer pipe and outlet cleaning.

Dryer Duct cleaning services

Dryer Duct Cleaning Services

Your dryer duct accumulates a lot of dust and lint over the years, causing clogging within a dryer Duct cleaning is done regularly, which could lead to overheating of the engine. It can also lead to a variety of health complications due to breathing poor quality air.

Worse, if some accumulation is reached, a fire hazard can be started in the laundry room, so do not take the risk, duct dryer vent cleaning is often necessary to protect your family and your home against any possible tragic accident.

A cleaning cycle every 3-4 years is recommended.

A dryer must evacuate more than 3 to 5 liters of water each cycle

It is crucial to maintain the air ducts evacuations to avoid the accumulation of water in the laundry room. In addition, the performance of your dryer will be improved and its life extended, besides saving on energy. Duct length, number of elbows, the material used in walls and ceilings, and the use of the device are all factors that have an impact on the frequency required for cleaning dryer ducts.

Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

As a local dryer cleaning company, Imperial Cleaning takes precautionary and preventative measures to ensure the safety of your home. Having your dryer hose and dryer outlet professionally cleaned can have a lasting effect on your dryer’s performance and reduce risk levels. Here are some benefits that regular maintenance and dryer vent cleaning can bring you.

Reduce your electricity bill: Being free from clogs allows your machine to work more efficiently, providing a monetary benefit. Simply put, if the machine is working harder, it will need more electricity to dry your clothes. If it doesn’t have to work as hard, your monthly electricity bill will be lower.

Increase the lifespan of your clothes: When the vents in your dryer are blocked, the heat in the dryer increases. This can cause your clothes to overheat, eventually damaging them. This is because the fibers in fabric tend to break down due to the higher-than-recommended heat during the normal drying process.

Clogged dryers require longer drying times and damage the fibers in an overly hot environment, and the dryer lint trap can be dirty. So, to ensure good operating conditions and preserve your clothes, have your dryer vents professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Dryer Life: Your dryer should last about 10 to 13 years. The most effective way to meet and even extend this period is to clean the dryer vent after each use and, most importantly, regularly clean the ducts leading to the outside. To extend the life of your machine, you will need to have your dryer vents cleaned regularly by a professional.

Get rid of allergens: In every home, the growth of allergens can lead to structural damage and health problems for family members. It is a good idea to reduce or eliminate areas in your home where moisture may be building up.

Furthermore, check your dryer vents for leaks, as this also leads to further growth of allergens and pollutants. Your dryer is supposed to completely remove moisture during the drying process of your clothes. When your clothes are still damp after a complete cycle, it can produce allergens.

The vents must be installed appropriately and kept clean to ensure that every drop of water is expelled correctly during the drying cycle. Lint buildup in the dryer leads to allergen growth and leaks in the exhaust duct. Airflow is blocked by clogged dryer vents. The dryer can exhaust moist air and cause water to leak, resulting in allergen growth and an even bigger clog.

Dryer Efficiency: Although it may seem like an exaggeration, you may indeed notice increased efficiency in your dryer after dryer outlet and pipe cleaning. This is simply because the vent blockages have been removed, enabling proper airflow. A dryer must be able to safely release heat and gases out of the house. If there is a blockage, the heat will be trapped, and the dryer will have to work harder than necessary. In addition, blockages can create dangerous back pressure.

Protect your investment: By having your dryer vents professionally cleaned, you are protecting your investment. Homes are expensive, and a fire can be devastating without even considering the risk of losing a loved one to fire. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into building a home and a family, so don’t let a small clogged dryer affect that.

Dry your clothes faster: Gone are the days when you had to dry your clothes one to three times to get them completely dry. Once your dryer vent is clean, your machine runs more efficiently and can dry your clothes in one cycle. This will save you money per load of laundry.

Improve indoor air quality: By making sure your dryer vents are clean, you can also ensure indoor air quality. If gases aren’t escaping into your home, your air will be cleaner. Also, if your dryer is in a small room, the steam from it can cause mold and mildew to form, affecting your indoor air quality.

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When should I clean my dryer duct?

It is strongly recommended that the dryer pipes and ducts be cleaned every 3 to 4 years. You must disconnect the dryer before any cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. However, if there are signs of duct blockage, there is potential for danger. Has your dryer duct been cleaned recently? Here are some signs to watch for:

  • Even though the dryer seems to be working, towels, jeans, and other heavy clothing take a long time to dry.
  • Even after the drying phase, your clothes are still much damper or warmer than usual.
  • When using the dryer, the exterior air outlet flaps do not open.
  • The dryer turns off before the end of the cycle.

If you notice any of these signs, act fast to ensure your family’s safety. Don’t wait to have a dirty dryer vent cause your dryer to catch fire to call the best duct dryer vent cleaning. Contact Imperial Cleaning right away for professional advice and to safely avoid a fire hazard.

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