Nous sommes spécialisés dans le nettoyage de meubles commerciaux .
Nous sommes spécialisés dans le nettoyage de meubles commerciaux .

Commercial Upholstery cleaning : why it’s important?

It’s important to have a spotless business image and make a good impression on your clients, knowing that you have a space free of germs and bacteria.

Imperial Cleaning has developed cleaning approaches throughout its history for each type of fabric and for each professional field, whether we’re dealing with restorations, theatres or offices.

We know exactly what to expect.The products are always at the reach of our technicians.Upholstery cleaning is a premium service of Imperial cleaning. They can perform the work properly and quickly, so you can take control of your rooms pleasantly.

Dining Room Chairs

Dining room chairs get dirty often, because we and our children are apt to drop food, juice and sauce by mistake, and our dirty fingers can make contact with the seat fabrics. We expect even worse on restaurant chairs and benches.Have no fear! We have the necessary stain remover for all kinds of spots. Whether oil, wine or food stains, the problem will be resolved.

Cinemas Cleaning by Imperial Cleaning

The cinemas are particularly dark, so spills are easily made. With our cleaning teams, your rooms will be sparkling clean to the appearance in the blink of an eye.

Office Chairs

It’s been a while since you have cleaned your office chairs, and you still see the same coffee stain day after day.There is nothing better than a good cleaning and a generous application of protector so that your chairs will have their desired look.

- Nettoyage de meubles commerciaux

We provides commercial or residential services in and around Montreal.

Imperial Cleaning specializes in carpet and carpet cleaning, residential and commercial cleaning services since 1995.