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Nous réparons les tapis et les carpettes abîmés

Give a second life to your carpets

Your carpet has known better days and you would like to see the same beautiful rug that you had before?

Take advantage of our carpet repair service.

Your carpets have a life story in your home! Wouldn’t you want to preserve their value? Whatever the damage on your carpet, whether caused by your vacuum, pets or by simple wear and tear, our specialists will restore fringes and/or edges, using the proper efficient equipment for all damage. You can trust us for the best upholstery cleaning services.

Carpet and Rug Repair Done by a Trustworthy Team

Depending on the region of the country you live in, your carpet may be preferred over hardwood flooring, tile, laminate, etc. The cost of carpet ranges from cheap or affordable too expensive or even ridiculous. If you’ve spent a lot of money on residential and commercial carpet, it’s unlikely you’ll replace it without thinking twice.

However, unlike hard flooring, carpet stains and (seemingly) irreparable damage can and does occur more easily. Is it possible to do the carpet repair in a room or an entire house when this happens?

Peeling areas, burns, tears, stains and other miscellaneous problems can make your carpet less attractive.

In the worst case, a tripping hazard is dangerously present because of a peeled or snagged carpet. Before you replace all that expensive carpet, stop! Sometimes problem areas can be repaired or restored. No matter if it’s a single room carpet, a small apartment, or a large house.

We may be able to save your carpet and make it look new again.

Nous réparons les tapis et les carpettes abîmés

Repair of all types of carpet repair or rug repair:

  • Carpet tears
  • Carpet stretching

Our team can treat permanent stains, wrinkles and ripples, open or frayed seams, torn or missing threads or tufts, and discoloration. Most carpet repair can be done quickly and affordably.

With our training and over ten years of experience, we can accurately assess the damage your rugs have sustained. We can then advise you on the best course of action.

Burns and Holes in the Carpet

Holes and burns may require the removal and repair of the damaged area with a replacement part. If you have remnants of the original installation, we can use them to form a perfectly fitting piece. If you have no remnants, we can take a small piece from a hidden area, such as the back corner of a closet.

By carefully matching the direction of the pile and restoring the natural look of the fibers, we’ll ensure that your carpet fixing is seamless and undetectable. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our rug repair work.


Wrinkles or ripples can be easily repaired. Uneven wear and permanent damage to the backing can result from uncorrected wrinkling. You should have these problems repaired immediately to prevent further damage. Proper stretching of the carpet requires special tools and training.

We follow established procedures to effectively stretch your installation in all directions. Experts in the field recommend this method and we believe it gives the best long-term results. We guarantee all our stretching work.

Carpet Tears

Tears and fraying seams should be addressed immediately. When a seam is separated or the backing is torn, the fibers can quickly begin to pull apart. Our cleaning services and carpet fixing and rug repair method will prevent tears and fraying from spreading and leave no trace of the damage.

For all the work we do, we make sure that all edges are always properly anchored and secured.


If stains are an issue, we have treatment options that can be safer and more effective than traditional household products. We can completely eradicate most stains without damaging your carpet.

We have used our years of experience to develop our own professional carpet and upholstery cleaning formula. We will give you a demonstration and leave you a sample when we work at your home.

Carpet Fixing with Patches or Inserts:

Finding leftover pieces:

The job is always made easier by looking for old leftovers or pieces left after the carpet was originally laid. If you thought ahead and saved a piece, you’re in luck, it will be hard to tell if your carpet was replaced or repaired. On the off chance that you don’t have any leftovers, it is possible to cut the carpet at the bottom of a closet or under a large piece of furniture that won’t be moved in the future and make the repair.

Cutting out the repair pieces:

It is very important to use the proper equipment to cut out the pieces using a professional carpet knife to ensure that the outline is well defined. Once the outline has been traced and cut, the remaining piece can be placed in the damaged area and installed with the proper adhesive to complete the process.

Pile Direction:

Simple details like the direction of the carpet pile on the repair pieces and on your room rug should be perfectly aligned. Believe it or not, this simple detail can make an identical carpet look completely different in color!

Inserting carpet tape:

The process itself is not entirely easy. You need to make sure the tape properly adheres for long-lasting results. The tape is cut to length and applied to the back of the existing carpet.

Replacing the Damaged Piece:

Once the tape is in place, the piece must be carefully laid on top of the tape. The direction of the carpet mat should be evaluated, matching the direction of the two pieces. After placing the replacement part, pressure is applied to the area to be repaired to ensure a good fit. Too much pressure can crush the carpet fibers, but even pressure will secure them well.

Protect and Preserve Your Persian or Oriental Rugs and Carpets

Our team of experts offers professional cleaning and maintenance services for your carpets and area rugs. We clean and repair Persian or Oriental carpets and rugs, restoring them to their original appearance, and keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

Oriental and Persian carpets are known worldwide for their quality and durability. The wear and tear of time will, however, inevitably take a toll on their appearance. Restoration can involve several different approaches, depending on the damage that has been done. Worn and torn sections of a rug can be rewoven by our experts using identical threads as the original, restoring your rug to its original brilliance. Edges and fringes can also be replaced or reinforced when necessary. But you have to work with real professionals in carpet repair and rug fixing.

Once restored, we recommend the following useful tips to help preserve your carpet’s lustrous, original beauty.

  • Use a good-quality underpad to limit premature wear.
  • Vacuum at least twice per month, or more often as needed.
  • Should you spill something, blot up as much of it as you can with a clean cloth, then clean the spot with a mild detergent and cold water.
  • Rotate the carpet at least once each year to limit uneven wear from foot traffic.
  • Do not hesitate to do a disinfectant treatment.

Rug Repair: One of Our Many Areas of Expertise!

A rug makes a lovely decorative element that adds beauty and warmth to a room. Still, we must remember that it is also subjected to regular use and frequent foot traffic and as such, its vibrancy will fade over time. Unsightly tears or rips can also develop and, when combined with general wear (traffic, cleaning or vacuuming, pets, etc.), your precious rug can lose its original splendour.

Take corrective action before it’s too late, and your rug is beyond repair. We offer upholstery cleaning services you can trust to restore the beauty of your rugs. Restore its pristine looks by availing yourself of our repair and restoration services.

Our Solutions for Restoring Your Carpets and Rugs to their Original Beauty

We have several solutions for repairing or rejuvenating your carpets and area rugs.

Repairing tears and holes

Tears and holes are among the most common types of carpet damage. Holes can be caused by normal wear and tear, pets’ claws, mites, furniture legs, burns, high-heeled shoes, etc. Our solution: reweaving the rug’s warp and weft threads or using a canvas backing for flawless results that will amaze you! You won’t even be able to tell that the carpet has been repaired!

Creating stop points

The best way to limit the fraying of a carpet and prevent further damage is by using a technique that involves sewing stop points into the fabric.

Repairing rug fringe

Fringes are the warp threads of a rug, tied together, and they are likely to fray over time. Our experts will restore your rug to like-new condition by creating stop points and new fringes. The rug will look as beautiful as when you first acquired it!

Repairing and reinforcing carpet edging

The edges and borders of a carpet are vulnerable to damage from all types of sources. We can reinforce or repair frayed or worn edges using a method that will make your carpet look like new and which can even resize it, naturally and subtly.

Lining and reinforcing area rugs and carpets

To reinforce your carpet and help it hold its shape, we can affix a cotton lining to the underside.

Colour restoration in old rugs

It’s inevitable that a rug’s colours will eventually fade and lose their intensity, primarily due to exposure to sunlight shining through windows but also for other reasons. We use natural dyeing methods to restore the clarity and beauty of your rug’s original colours.

We also offer rug cleaning and have experienced rug repair professionals who can fix the natural wear and tear of your oriental rugs as well as your Persian rugs.
Contact us to know more about the cost of repair!

We provides commercial or residential services in and around Montreal.

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