Rugs Repair

Your carpets have a life story in your home! Wouldn’t you want to preserve their value? Whatever the damage on your carpet, whether caused by your vacuum, pets or by simple wear and tear, our specialists will restore fringes and/or edges, using the proper efficient equipment for all damage.

Pressure washing services

Pressure washing is a highly effective process that uses high-pressure water spray to remove accumulated grime and more. Depending on your needs, cold or hot spray can be used for optimal cleaning. Very hot water is useful in dislodging ingrained impurities, degreasing and deoxidizing metal surfaces.

Filters for furnaces

Thanks to our filtration technology and the robust design of these filters, these are both significantly more durable, as well as really and easily cleanable. You realize significant savings. These filters with a lifespan of more than 36 months are fully recyclable.

Upholstery Cleaning

Imperial Cleaning is specialized in upholstery (Sofa, couch, chair) cleaning since 1995 in Montreal, Laval, South & North Shore. Dining rooms and living rooms are the most visited places in your house. Such furniture needs regular cleaning. Every time you sit on it or use it, it’s as if you put on and take off the same clothes everyday without washing them!

Dryer duct cleaning

Your dryer Duct accumulates a lot of dust and lint over the years, causing clogging within a dryer Duct cleaning is done regularly, which could lead to overheating of the engine. Worse, if some accumulation is reached, a fire can be started, so do not take the risk, Duct cleaning dryer is often necessary to protect your family and your home against any possible tragic accident.

Air exchanger cleaning

It is recommended to clean the air exchange every 3 to 5 years. Your home breathes through your air exchanger. It gives you fresh air and ejects the stale air outside. Then, in case of negligence, the impact could be bad for your health because of the development of dust, germs and bacteria, so keep this device for the sake of your family and your home.

Rug cleaning

Whether your rugs are woollen, silky or simply synthetic area rugs, they must be washed properly on a regular basis in our workshop. This courtesy is offered to you with no extra charges in our workshop. We use warm water jets or dry cleaning.

Carpet cleaning

So don’t wait any longer than necessary between cleanings. The more you take care of your carpets, the longer they endure. As you know, behind every advantage hides a disadvantage. They can be so comfortable for your feet, they absorb noises...

Air duct cleaning

Heating vents and air ducts are dust compounders creating bacteria that can affect your health badly if you don’t clean them regularly. The least harm is low quality air and deterioration of your heating or air conditioning system.

Wall air conditioner cleaning

A wall air conditioner needs regular maintenance to preserve its performance, after a while the dirt prevents your air conditioning from cooling down, but also for a more important reason these devices accumulate bacteria and fungi with the Years, so it is crucial to maintain it regularly. We offer a complete microbiological cleaning service for your device. Nothing will be spared, we take care of the entire system, filters, compressor, condenser, complete indoor and outdoor unit.

Mattress cleaning

We spend a third of our lives on our mattresses and dead skin that we lose seeps in them, mites feasts of them and multiply by millions, we rarely think to eliminate these small creatures. You should constantely keep your mattresses clean. If you do not clean it regularly, you may find yourself with a mattress stained with mold and traces of sweat. Children can have accidents on their mattresses overnight, there is a special urine treatment for those particular kind of messes.

Remove Pet & Cat Urine Smell

Your pet did it again, on the same carpet or sofa, even though you taught him not to, and the bad odor is beginning to be annoying. What can you do? Pets will always be pets. That’s why Imperial Cleaning has a special urine treatment that will attack the odor-causing bacteria right at the source. We inject solution directly onto the affected areas to completely remove these unbearable smells.

We provides commercial or residential services in and around Montreal.

As a long-time, respected company, we are constantly on the lookout for effective and safe techniques and greener products that are tough on stains, but easy on your fabrics.