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Carpet cleaning

Your carpets deserve a second chance

So don’t wait any longer than necessary between cleanings. The more you take care of your carpets, the longer they endure. As you know, behind every advantage hides a disadvantage.

They can be so comfortable for your feet, they absorb noises, and they make your home cosy your children can lay and play on them and be warm. At the same time, dust, acaroid and allergens will accumulate year after year, even if you use the vacuum. This can make the air unpleasant to breathe.

That’s why Imperial Cleaning will offer you its highly efficient methods, cleaning products, and informed technicians, so your carpets will always be brighter and cleaner. Being one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Quebec, you can trust our reputation to help you get them looking in great shape once again.

Cleaning Carpets

A pre-inspection will be done to understand what steps are necessary before we start the carpet cleaning.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Our popular shampoo steam cleaning, fortified with enzymes method and our high performance equipment, will kick out all stainable dirt that have infiltrated in your carpets.

3 Step Carpet Cleaning

Our 3-step washing process will surely get your carpets remarkably clean. We spray them with a detergent that contains deeply penetrating enzymes. We apply an efficient stain remover to each kind of stain, and finally, we rinse and extract all dirt and soap residue.

Carpet Cleaning Inspection

It is crucial to us to keep a favourable long-term relation with our customers. Loyalty is very precious, so you’re always invited to inspect the carpet cleaning that is performed before our technician leaves your place, to ensure your total satisfaction.

Stain Free Carpets

Protect your investment from stains and liquid penetration. Ask our technician to apply a thin layer of invisible and odorless stain protector, to help keep your valuables spotless for a longer time. This is applicable to all our services, including office carpet cleaning and wool carpet cleaning.

Keep Your Carpets Germ-Free

Your carpets are dust compounders and create harmful germs, bacteria and dust mites.

We can eliminate those nasty, unpleasant guests by applying a generous coat of antibacterial solution, which is safe for human, and pets while improving your indoor air quality.

IICRC Certified

Our team of IICRC Certified professional has been the number one carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning company throughout Montreal and surrounding areas since 1995.

Couple souriant avec des tasses de café dans un intérieur lumineux et propre, grâce à Nettoyage Impérial.

What steps are taken for carpet cleaning?

When our staff clean carpets or rugs, we follow a proven process. Here are the main steps:

  • We inspect the surface to be cleaned. We identify where stains, breakage or other problems are. This is an essential step, to ensure that all issues are addressed.
  • We then carry out tests to determine which products will be used for cleaning the most effectively.
  • Then, with a threshing method, we dislodge dirt and debris.
  • Then, suction is applied to remove dust and small particles of dirt.
  • At this point, if necessary, we take care of stain removal.
  • Now we use a suitable product for thorough cleaning, followed by more agitation to dislodge any remaining debris that is deeply lodged in the carpet backing.
  • Finally, we brush to restore it to its original appearance.
  • It is then thoroughly dried.
  • The work is evaluated once more
  • We then packaged and delivered to the client.

Which types of carpet do you clean?

We offer specialized cleaning service for the following types of carpets:

  • Persian rugs
  • Indian rugs
  • Antique silk rugs
  • Handmade rugs

Are the products you use harmful to the environment?

At Imperial Cleaning, we use ecologically safe products, which are certified 100% biodegradable. This ensures that we have minimal impact on the environment.

How often should the carpets be cleaned?

It is recommended that you clean your carpets at least once a year. If you feel the need to do it more frequently, please don’t hesitate to contact us. More frequent cleaning may be required for some surfaces, or in high traffic areas. We will happily adapt to fit your particular situation. Also take in consideration that regular air duct cleaning will help to reduce the frequency needed.

Will you be applying a carpet protector?

It really depends upon the situation. We’ll take both the carpet’s location and its use into account in order to make the right decision. It would be our pleasure to discuss it with you and advise you on the best solution for your specific situation.

Do you disinfect to limit the spread of germs that can contain viruses?

Yes, we offer this service. Once the carpet cleaning is completed, we can spray a product to disinfect and kill the germs that cause viruses. All in a safe environment for your carpet or rug.

Is carpet cleaning safe for children and pets?

Cleaning Imperial uses only non-toxic products approved by Health Canada for its carpet cleaning. Our certified health and safety technicians will take steps to ensure that everyone is well protected during cleaning.

Are transportation fees included?

We want to save you time and trouble. So, our pick-up and delivery services are free – everywhere in the Greater Montreal area.

Carpets are one of the most important décor elements within your home. They make your home look comfortable and aesthetically appealing. However, this only applies when they are clean and fresh. If allowed to catch dirt or are neglected for a couple of weeks or months without cleaning, carpets can be a real pain for homeowners.

They have the ability to harbor all manner of bacteria, dirt, allergens, and other debris that can greatly compromise the health and wellbeing of your family members.

Besides, the physical appearance of dirt on your carpets and rugs, will greatly hamper their aesthetic appeal, causing your house to look dirty and less appealing. If you are planning to move out or change apartments, you have every reason to clean your carpets before the move, due to the following reasons:

Better health in your new place

As noted earlier, carpets can form a nice home for bacteria, allergens, mites, dust particles, and other debris. The last thing you may wish for when you are moving to a new home or apartment, is to carry all this dirt over to your new home. This implies that it will compromise the health and wellbeing of your family members in your next residence, yet, you could have easily avoided that by simply having them cleaned.

Of course, you can consider vacuuming, to help get rid of dust mites, bacteria, and other light dirt, but for better results, it is vital that you get professional cleaners to clean through the fibers, to get rid of any stubborn stains that a vacuum cleaner can’t get rid of. Leaving your current home for the next one with a clean carpet, will ensure that you don’t start life in your next home, accompanied by various health hazards.

Better airflow in the new house

This may sound strange, but a dirty carpet will most definitely affect the airflow in your home. As the carpet and upholstery becomes dirty, it will continue to accumulate dust, dirt, and all manner of debris, leading to a compromised airflow in your home. Some of the areas that will be affected the most, include areas along walls, where a lot of airflows are generally required.

With time, the room will become stuffy and unpleasant, because of the dirty carpet. Simple regular vacuuming is not sufficient, to remove the tough dust and debris lodged within the fibers, and the only solution is to have them thoroughly cleaned by qualified professionals. You don’t want to settle in to your new apartment, then start breathing poor quality air, because you moved in with a dirty carpet.

Improved look and feel in your new home

You already know the important role your carpet plays in the comfort and aesthetics of your home. Leaving your current home for the next one, with a dirty carpet, means that you have already compromised the look and feel of the new place, even before you arrive, because you are installing a dirty carpet.

This is not a great way to start off your life in your new place. The simple solution to this, and to ensure that you don’t compromise the look and feel of your new place, is to simply opt for proper professional cleaning, before you move. This is so that once you install the carpet in the new place, you are good to go, and you don’t have to worry about dirty and unpleasant looks.

It is a good time for carpet cleaning

You should consider cleaning your carpet regularly, but when you are considering a move to a new apartment, this is typically a very good time to clean all your carpets and rugs. This is because you will be sorting out various things, deciding on what to keep and what to throw away, and since you will be shifting houses, you also get some opportune time to take the carpet to the cleaners, and have it back fresh and clean, for a brand-spanking new setup. Besides, it is never a good idea to move into your new home with dirty rugs and carpets, when you can always have them cleaned before the move.

Cleaning prolongs the life of your carpet

Carpets don’t come cheap, and if regular shag rug cleaning can help to prolong your it’s longevity, then you have an even stronger argument, to ensure that you are using a clean carpet all the time. When your carpets are dirty, the dirt, debris, and other matter dislodged among the fibers, will continue to wear down the fibers, as people continue to step on their surfaces.

This means that with dirt, the lifespans will deteriorate quicker, greatly reducing the amount of time you would have used them for. But with clean carpets, this is not something you will have to worry about, since there will be no dirt or debris lodged into the fibers, which would otherwise slowly eat into them as time goes by.

Improves the mood inside the room

Imagine sitting inside a room on a dirty carpet, and while forced to take in the dirty air originating from the smell of dirt, dust, allergens, and bacteria contained in the carpet! Well, this is not a place you would love to be in, and if this describes your house, then you can’t imagine the kind of embarrassment you will go through, should your visitors point it out.

A clean carpet, on the other hand, will be fresh and beautiful, and, instead, will elevate the mood in the room, so that everybody loves hanging around. Also, as the owner, you won’t have to worry about such embarrassments, which you could easily avoid by installing a clean carpet.

Consider hiring professional carpet cleaners

You shouldn’t let just anyone take care of your carpets. Whenever you want to clean your carpets, always consider the services of professional carpet cleaning companies, such as Nettoyage Imperial. They have the skills, the tools, and the experience to clean any type of carpet or rug that you might have in your home.

We provides commercial or residential services in and around Montreal.

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