Engagez des professionnels pour le nettoyage de filtre de votre fournaise.
Engagez des professionnels pour le nettoyage de filtre de votre fournaise.

The benefits of a cleanable furnace filter

Thanks to the three-dimensional fiber weave configuration of the filter, it offers a very high particle retention capacity without increasing the resistance to the passage of air. Our cleaner and more durable filters replace at least 12 disposable filters, significantly reducing your ecological footprint. It is one of the best furnace filters because it allows you to reduce your energy consumption.

Why clean the furnace filter?

Breathing the air in your home, thousands of microscopic particles enter your body daily. Some of them increase the risk of allergies and asthma attacks. It is important to ensure regular maintenance of your furnace filter. This Imperial Cleaning article explains why. But with such services, be sure to work with reputable commercial duct cleaning companies.

How to solve your furnace filter problem?

Thanks to our filtration technology and the robust design of these filters, these are both significantly more durable, as well as really and easily cleanable. You realize significant savings. These filters with a lifespan of more than 36 months are fully recyclable.

The technology to be antibacterial, antivirus, antipollen, mildew or fungus, antiallergenic of these filters incorporates antimicrobial agents to the structure of the polypropylene fibers.This protects the filters from the proliferation of microorganisms and the deterioration due to their action.

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