Nos services de nettoyage de hotte des restaurant
Nos services de nettoyage de hotte des restaurant


Why should you entrust the cleaning of your restaurant range hoods to us?

We know that hygiene and comfort in your kitchens are a priority for you. That’s why we’ve developed a state-of-the-art service that helps block unpleasant odours, prevent staining of your walls and ceilings, improve steam circulation through restaurant range hoods and even more. We can also offer you weekly filter maintenance on an optional basis.

When cleaning a restaurant range hood, our team does a thorough job – that is to say, we carefully clean the range from the rooftop. We supply the hot water beyond that, heated to more than 200º degrees Fahrenheit (93º Celsius) and the work is done on a flexible schedule that is convenient for you.

Our range-cleaning experts are certified by the NFPA. As such, we will give you a certificate of compliance for insurance purposes at each of our visits.

With ecological concerns in mind, we use biodegradable degreasers in conformity with environmental regulations.

How is restaurant range hood cleaning typically done?

When our team arrives at your place of business, it follows a strict procedure that is your assurance of top-quality service:


  • Preliminary inspection of range hood system and make-up air unit
  • Installation of a single-use plastic films perimeter to protect hood environment
  • Protection of nearby electrical outlets
  • Lubrication of fan motor nuts (if required)
  • Belt change (if required)
  • Visual inspection of tightness and emptiness of ducts
  • “BEFORE” photo
  • Hot water pressure wash (4,000 psi)
  • Filter degreasing
  • Degreasing and stripping of extraction turbine and fan
  • Degreasing and stripping of extraction tube
  • Degreasing and stripping of range hood interior
  • Degreasing and polishing of range hood exterior
  • Removal of protective polyane sheet for landfill disposal
  • Reinstallation of clean filters
  • “AFTER” photo
  • Restoration of premises to same or better condition
  • Delivery of NFPA certificate of compliance to designated person


The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) is an organization established to eliminate physical and material fire hazards that could cause death, injury and losses. The NFPA sets codes and standards to help combat fire hazards.

Logo NFPA avec flamme, partenariat sécurisé avec Nettoyage Impérial.

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