Why Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner?

The Benefits of Running a Clean Air Conditioner

Millions of home owners trust their air conditioning units to create amicable indoor conditions for their comfort. Sadly, millions of home owners never take any proactive measures to guard their systems against unexpected breakdowns that might usually end up costing a lot of money, due to repairs and replacement of parts.

All it takes for you to take good care of your air conditioning system is regular inspection and maintenance, of which, one practice is usually the cleaning of the air conditioner, which is usually done during the routine inspection and maintenance.

Such inspections and maintenance will go a long way to ensuring that you don’t suffer from inconvenient breakdowns, as well as avoiding paying huge energy bills because of an inefficient system. If you are still wondering why cleaning your air conditioner is that important, then read below to understand some of the benefits that come with cleaning your air conditioner:

A clean air conditioner operates more efficiently

Dirty air conditioners are some of the most inefficient air conditioners in the world. A typical air conditioner has certain components that must remain clean and clear at all times for it to work properly. With continued use, the buildup of dust, dirt, and debris on these components will greatly hamper their efficiency, lowering the overall efficiency of the unit.

For example, when the filters are clogged and become dirty, they will hamper the smooth airflow between them, making the unit work harder to overcome the resistance created by the dirt.

Also, when the evaporator coils are covered with dust, the coils’ ability to absorb heat will be impeded, compromising the system’s ability to cool your home. However, with proper and regular cleaning, all of these problems will be avoided and you will have an air conditioner working at its very best.

A clean air conditioner will lower electricity bill

When your air conditioner is operating inefficiently, at the end of the month, you might find that your energy bill will spike up. The increase in consumption is always a result of increased energy needed to overcome the resistance occasioned by dust and debris impeding the smooth operation of some of the system’s components.

For example, when the air ducts are clogged with dust and other debris, a lot of energy will be needed to push the air into the ducts. Also, when the filters are clogged, a lot of energy will be needed to push the clean air through.

All this additional work done by the machine will translate into an increased energy bill at the end of the month. By cleaning your air conditioning unit, you will save your conditioner from the extra work it’ll be required to do, and you will also save your wallet or purse from having to part with the extra money due to increased operational cost.

Avoid expensive breakdowns, repairs, and replacements

If you leave your air conditioner to continue operating in a dirty state, you will have more than just an inefficient unit and a bigger energy bill to deal with. In the short term, you may not notice that anything is happening. However, in the long term, the increased strain on the system due to dirt, dust, and other debris will lead to problems, such as overheating and faster wear and tear of parts.

Before you notice it, you will start experiencing breakdowns that might require expensive repairs and the replacement of parts. On some occasions, you might run into serious damage that might compel you to consider purchasing a new air conditioning unit.

With all that risk, it is prudent to ensure regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid the expensive breakdowns and repairs that can be easily avoided with proper proactive care.

Also, when you clean your air conditioner, especially with the help of an expert, you can spot potential problems before they become real issues for your machine. As such, you get ample time to do the necessary maintenance and repairs so that you don’t live with the fear of your machine breaking down at any time. Consequently, cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner is far most cost effective than waiting for a breakdown for you to spend money on expensive repairs and maintenance.

A clean air conditioner leads to better indoor air quality

The air conditioning system does more than just make your home cooler. It has a vital role to play in keeping indoor air clean and healthy. When the system is clogged, it may be full of dirt, dust, and all manner of debris.

A clogged, durty unit will provide the right environment and breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria, fungi, germs, and mold, among others. As the unit continues to work, all these microorganisms and allergens will find their way into the living spaces, causing a myriad of health complications, such as breathing problems and asthmatic attacks.

When the system is cleaned, however, there will be no room for such growth and circulation. This will ensure that the indoor air will be clean and healthy at all times; hence, there will be no need for your family members to worry about the associated health complications that result from a dirty system.

Improves the longevity of your air conditioner

An air conditioner is not among the cheapest of home appliances. It is usually a significant investment that you hope will serve you for a long time. Therefore, the last thing you want is for your unit to serve you for just a couple of years or months before it breaks down completely. But, if you don’t take good care of your unit, such as cleaning and servicing it regularly, then you can expect that it will not be serving you for a long time.

A properly-cleaned air conditioner operates efficiently and is not as prone to regular breakdowns as an improperly-cleaned one. This goes a long way in ensuring the longevity of the unit so that you are not soon worried about going back to the market to shop for a new unit.