Why Cleaning your Air Ducts is Important

It is claimed that the novel Coronavirus is not airborne. However, the virus can stay in the air for up to three hours. This has raised a lot of questions on whether the virus can spread through air conditioning systems. Currently, there is no concrete evidence that the virus can spread through these systems. The virus is spreading through droplets, which can remain suspended in the air for hours. However, it is true that currents circulating through air conditioning systems may carry the droplets to places where they might not have otherwise reached. This does not necessarily mean that air conditioning systems can spread the virus. The major takeaway here is that the virus can only spread through close contact and through infected droplets.

But the prevalence of the coronavirus should not be the only reason why you should think about cleaning your air duct system. Ideally, the ducts should be clean at all times if you want to enjoy great efficiency and get the most out of your system. Though it is not yet proven that the virus can spread through air conditioning systems, here are some other solid reasons why you should keep your air ducts clean during this pandemic-:

You get to live in a cleaner environment

The ductwork can harbor a great deal of dust, dirt, and debris after just a few hours of inactivity. When the system is powered on, all the accumulated dust, dirt and debris will be circulated into various rooms, and into the living environment where it will settle on places such as the flooring, the furniture and on the bedding among other places. When the ductwork is cleaned, this debris will disappear, hence, giving you and your family a chance to live in a safe and healthy environment.

Get rid of allergens and toxic bacteria

Dirt and dust accumulating in the ductwork may not be harmful on their own. However, they usually contain harmful microorganisms, allergens, and bacteria that cause a myriad of allergic reactions and respiratory problems to family members. Apart from the allergens, bacteria, and microorganisms contained within the ductwork, there is the possibility of the system circulating pollen, pet dander, bacteria, mold spores, and mildew within the various rooms in the home. It is vital for all of this to be removed through air vent cleaning. Remember, Covid-19 is a respiratory problem and it has been shown that it is more lethal for individuals suffering from other underlying respiratory diseases.

Improve the air quality around the home

If you have observed that the number of complaints from family members with difficulty breathing or respiratory problems keeps on increasing, then it may be time to take stock of the health of your ductwork. Dirty air ducts imply that dirty air is being supplied throughout the house. Poor air quality will mean a variety of allergic reactions and respiratory problems to family members. A simple way to improve the quality of the air around the home is to simply ensure that your ductwork is clean. This is something that you can and should do regularly with the help of air duct cleaning services if you may not have the time to clean the vents on your own.

Removing objectionable smells and odors

When the air ducts are not clean, this will lead to the accumulation of various contaminants which have blended with the air. With time, all the contaminants will coalesce and start forming very unpleasant smells and odors that may make spending time within the living spaces unbearable. This is not only embarrassing when you have visitors, but is also a classic indication that you have neglected your ductwork and allowed them to be overrun with dirt. It is so easy to avoid and all you need to do is take your vent cleaning seriously. With the coronavirus lingering in the air, now is not the time you want to be dealing with such kinds of smells.

Improving the system’s efficiency

When your ductwork is overrun by dirt, dust, and other kinds of debris, the airflow within the system and in the various rooms will be constricted. The hampered airflow will force the system to put in more effort to meet the air conditioning needs of the house. This will result in increased energy bills because the system requires more energy to operate when it is inefficient. Therefore, you can choose to save on your energy bills and improve your system’s efficiency through regular duct cleaning. Having an efficient HVAC system is one of the simple measures you can take to ensure you don’t pay a lot in terms of energy bills.

Avoiding unnecessary breakdowns

Clogged ductwork will not only translate into expensive energy bills but will also likely cause a breakdown of the entire system. A breakdown will not only lead to a lot of frustration and inconveniences around the home but will also mean that you have to spend some money on repairs and maintenance. This can become more frustrating given that the pandemic has forced people to stay at home and businesses to close. It means that you might not find it easy to get a technician to come down to your house to look at your system.

Prolonging the lifespan of your air conditioning system

It is true that your air conditioning system has a limited lifespan, but you can always prolong it by taking good care of it. Regular care and maintenance such as cleaning the ductwork are enough to give it the longevity it deserves.