Why Is It Important to Have a Dryer Duct Cleaning?

The process of dryer duct cleaning is vital in ensuring that there are no dust, dirt, and debris that may come back into your home’s circulations as a result of dirty vents and ducts. Failure to do this may lead to a horde of problems that may not only deprive you of the efficient use of your dryer but also may put at risk your entire home due to the possibilities of fires starting right at the dryer.

However, there are certain occasions when you may be unsure of whether to clean your ducts. If you normally find yourself confused about whether it is the right time to clean your dryer ducts, then watch out for the following signs:

Clothes taking longer to dry – with a dirty dryer duct, there will be lots of hot, moist air present inside the drum. This implies that clothes will take longer to dry, not to mention that a lot of heat will be required to get all your clothes dry. One of the additional consequences of this is that the lifespan of your clothes, as well as that of your dryer, will be shortened in the long run.

Clothes feel hot to the touch – when you take your clothes out from the dryer, they should be warm and fresh. If you take them out and you feel that they are hot to touch, it simply means that the dryer is not exhausting properly through the vent. This causes the drum to overheat and ultimately makes the clothes hot to touch. If you notice this with your dryer, it is a clear indication that the dryer duct requires some serious cleaning.

You notice a burning smell or sensation coming from the dryer – smelling something coming from your burner is never a good sign. You should know that lint is flammable, and when you allow for its buildup inside the dryer duct, you create the right conditions for a fire to start in case of any spark. Nearly 16000 home fires in the United States are attributed to dryer fires, and dirty dryer vents have been suggested to be the leading cause of such fires. Therefore, to ensure that things don’t get out of hand, make a habit of cleaning your dryer ducts regularly.

Now that you know how to tell if your dryer duct is dirty, read below to learn why it is important to have a clean dryer duct at all times.

Improved dryer efficiency

One of the importance of running your dryer with clean ducts is improved dryer efficiency. Without proper dryer vent cleaning, there are lots of lint, dirt, and debris which hinders the free and smooth flow of air through the system. As such, it implies that a lot of energy will be needed to overcome the resistance caused by the dirt.

This not only translates into an inefficient system but also you are likely to notice an increase in the energy bills at the end of the month. The simplest way to avoid this, therefore, is to ensure that the duct is clean at all times. A good starting point is to ensure that you get rid of all the lint after every loading.

Reduced chances of dryer fires

It is estimated that dryer fires are responsible for nearly 16,000 home fires in the United States every year. This is a humongous number, but it is even saddening that the bulk of these fires is always a result of dirty vents.

You should know that lint is highly flammable, and when you combine this with fumes backing up from your home as a result of clogged vents, you make the conditions right for a spark to occur, increasing the chances of a home fire occasioned by a dryer fire. If you really care about your safety, and that of your home, therefore, you should never wait for anyone to remind you to clean the dryer duct.

Prolonged lifespan for your dryer

As already observed above, a clogged dryer vent will put a lot of strain on your dryer. More and more energy will be required to overcome the resistance created by the dirt, lint, and other debris that might be blocking the vent. It also means that you will have to run the dryer longer than normal to get the clothes dry.

This is never good for the overall health of your dryer and if you operate it in this state for a long while, you may end up shortening its lifespan, forcing you to get shopping for a new one sooner than you had already planned to do so.

Faster drying of clothes

In the absence of dryer duct cleaning, it is common to wait longer for your clothes to dry completely. It is also common to dry the clothes more than once before you can get satisfactory results. However, with a clean dryer vent, clothes dry really fast.

This is because your machine is operating more efficiently and all you need is just one cycle to get the clothes. This will not only save you a lot of time, but also money spent on drying clothes per laundry load.

A clean dryer duct helps to preserve the quality of your clothes

When you have to dry your clothes in the dryer more than once, there are high chances that they will become damaged or wear out very quickly. But you will need to do this only if your dryer is inefficient, most probably due to a dirty dryer duct. With a clean duct, you will avoid the need to subject your laundry to multiple drying cycles, hence, helping to preserve its quality and enhancing its longevity.

Improve indoor air quality

Another important reason why you need to clean dryer ducts at all times is so that you can have improved indoor air quality. With a dirty duct, it is possible for harmful gases to leak back into the main rooms, hence, polluting the indoor air quality. Also, you should remember that dryers are normally placed in small rooms, and with dirty ducts, there are high chances of mold forming, and then having their way into the indoor air.