What Happens If You Don’t Clean Air Vents

It is every homeowner’s desire to have a clean home all the time. Dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing are some of the cleanliness routines that homeowners observe regularly. Some also have annual spring cleaning practices to ensure that no dirt remains behind the furniture and beneath the appliances. But apart from observing such practices, you can’t forget about crucial places such as air vents that you don’t get to see often. Accumulations of dirt, dust, and debris within the air vents can jeopardies your cleaning efforts by constantly depositing dust after you have cleaned your rooms. However, this is not the only challenge that comes with having dirty air vents in your home. Read below to learn about the other dangers of failing to clean your air vents-:

The Ducts will become Clogged

It goes without saying that if you don’t clean your air vents, you will end up with clogged ducts. Over time, dust, dirt, and all manner of debris sucked into the system from outside will accumulate within the air vent system, building up significantly. As a result this will start to hinder the smooth flow of air through the system. This will not only reduce the airflow through the system but will also reduce the efficiency of the system’s ability to cool your home. If you don’t detect and remove the accumulation in good time, the system may end up not working altogether. Therefore, the easiest way to stop this from happening is to ensure regular professional cleaning of your duct system.

You may end up with Pests in your house

The buildup of dirt, dust, and debris, with a little moisture in your ductwork normally forms a potent breeding ground for bacteria and furthermore these are ideal conditions for the propagation of mold. Pets, insects, and rodents love making their homes in such places. When that happens, your home will not be safe either. The pets’ dander, smell, and urine will start circulating into your rooms, hence, compromising the quality of indoor air. Therefore, if you see a surge of pets, and insects in your home, or you start smelling strange odors whose source you can’t explain, then just know that your vents may be dirty, and is now the home to rodents and insects causing the smell.

Mold Propagation

One of the greater risks that comes with dirty air vents is mold growth that can spread to the rest of your home. This is a very common problem if you have air vents with insulation. Over time, there will be an accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris in the system. With this accumulation, should moisture also escape to it, then the conditions will be right for the propagation of mold within the ductwork. Every time you switch the duct on, the mold will also be circulated to the rooms, further risking the health of your family members. To save your family members from getting sick, simply ensure that the vents are clean so that there is no room for mold growth within the system.

Effects on your Health

The indoor air quality is an important aspect of quality home living. The dirty vent is a great enemy to this, and with it comes health complications, especially those that relate to your respiratory system. If you fail to clean your vents regularly, some of the health problems you are likely to run into include-:

An increase in asthma triggers and allergies

If you have family members suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies, having dirty vents will make life more difficult for them. This is because dirty vents may sometimes be clogged with allergens that end up getting circulated indoors. This will end up triggering asthma attacks as well as allergic reactions in family members who are already battling certain respiratory conditions. Therefore, should you notice an increase in asthma attacks and allergies among some family members, then be sure to check the ductwork and ensure that it is clean and free from dirt and debris.

Dry and Itchy Skin

Dirty air particles coming from the air ducts may also cause external health issues apart from affecting your respiratory system. When the particles land on your skin, there are very high risks of developing conditions such as hives, eczema, and rashes among others. Remember, dirty air from the ducts have all manner of pollutants, including urine and droppings from rodents who might have made the vents their home. Consequently, when the particles come into contact with your skin, you may end up with serious irritations on your skin.

Sinus Issues

With dirty vents, the dust and debris from the vents are likely to find their way into the rooms every time the air conditioner or heater is switched on. This implies that those inhabiting the rooms will be breathing all this dust and debris into their nasal passage. From the nasal passage, the particles may easily make it through to the sinuses, causing pain and inflammation. Since the skin in the nasal passage and the sinuses are very thin, the particles from the dirty vents may breach it, leading to the development of infections in the sinuses.

General Fatigue and Weakness

In addition to causing sinus issues, breathing air full of dust and dirt will also make your body feel tired and worn out. Your body will begin to fight off the bacteria and other pollutants present in the air. As such, your immune system will have to work harder to keep you fit and healthy. This may leave you feeling tired, fatigued, and sometimes, lethargic. If you continue living under such conditions, there are very good chances that you may end up sick with illnesses that you can’t even explain.

It will cost you more

Dirty ducts will prove to be more expensive in the long run. The strain on the system will lead to increased energy bills. Also, the strain on the system will make the system prone to breakdowns, where you will have to spend more money on repairs and maintenance. Air vents cleaning is very important, contact us for our duct cleaning services.