What Are the Risks of Not Having the Air Ducts Cleaned?

If you have an HVAC system in your house or at your place of work, then you already know about the importance of regular cleaning for the ducts, vents, and filters. These components are essentially not only for the efficient operation of your unit but also for the health of the people living in the spaces served by the system.

It is easy to ignore the state of the ducts when the system itself is working fine. With HVAC, however, the consequences of operating it with dirty ducts, vents, and filters will soon become apparent. If you don’t know what the consequences may be, then read below for a brief description of the risks you may run into when you have dirty air ducts.

Decreased HVAC Efficiency and Increased Energy Bills

Dirty ducts, vents, and filters will usually have a negative impact on the smooth operations of the system. The presence of dirt, dust, and debris will likely hamper the smooth flow of air, as well as the smooth exchange of heat from the incoming hot air. The result will be a strained system which will require more energy to keep the house cool.

This will then translate into increased energy bills at the end of the month, making it more expensive for you to live comfortably. With regular cleaning of the ducts, however, there will be no accumulation of dirt, dust, and other debris that might hamper the efficient operation of the system.

Strange Odors Within Indoor Spaces

Nobody likes a bad smell invading their indoor spaces; fresh air is always preferable. However, if you haven’t cleaned your duct works in awhile, then you are inviting all manner of strange odors and smells into your home.

Whenever your HVAC system is operating, it normally sucks all manner of dirt and debris into the duct work, and though most of this dirt is usually kept out with the help of the filters, some will still find their way through and if not checked, can accumulate to dangerous levels.

It is this kind of dirt and debris that will start making the indoor air smell, and will potentially spread molds and other microorganisms that can hurt family members in a variety of ways.

Proper air duct cleaning can be an effective way in ensuring that you don’t encounter such odors within your living spaces.

Worsening of Pre-Existing Conditions Among Family Members

If you have family members with pre-existing conditions such as asthma, allergies, or other pulmonary conditions, then operating your HVAC system on dirty duct works is likely to aggravate the conditions of these family members. Dirty duct works mean a lot of dust, debris, pollen, pet fur, and other types of allergens within the indoor air.

This may trigger attacks or lead to prolonged attacks for the affected family members. It is also possible that healthy family members may develop allergies and similar conditions due to constant exposure to these types of allergens. Therefore, to keep every member of your family safe from such allergic reactions, call for regular air duct cleaning services to get rid of such allergens from the indoor air.

Dirty Ducts Cause Fatigue

When you constantly breathe poor quality indoor air occasioned by dirt and debris deposited from dirty ductwork, there are very high chances that you will feel tired and fatigued most of the time. When this is coupled with other health issues such as pre-existing conditions or the stress that comes with trying to make it through the day, you will feel tired more often than usual, and it is possible that you will get drowsier the moment you enter the house.

It is a fact that inhaling lots of pollen, dirt, dust, and other fine debris in the indoor air will usually contribute to fatigue. Knowing this, you have every reason to clean your ducts if you want to eliminate this symptom at home.

Dirty Ducts Will Make You Age Faster

Believe it or not, having dirty ducts in your home can make you age faster than usual. Breathing air from contaminated ducts will make you feel tired, fatigued, and lethargic. When you feel that way, there will be increased production of the stress hormone known as cortisol which amongst other things, leads to the aging process.

Also, the dirt, dust, and debris present in indoor air as a result of dirty duct works will react with free radicals on your skin, leading to the depletion of collagen which will then make your skin form wrinkles, making you look older than you are.

Therefore, if you don’t want to appear older than your actual age, ensure that your ducts are clean, and get used to calling air duct cleaning service Montreal so that you enjoy breathing clean and fresh air all the time.

Rodent and Insect Infestation in Your Home

Rodents love dirt and debris. These not only provide them with a place to make a home but also such environments tend to be good breeding grounds for their meals. Additionally, they can use the duct work to access the inside of your home where they can make additional homes while they wreak havoc on your property.

This simply means that by having dirty duct work, you are inviting rodents to come and live in your home. To avoid full infestation by all kinds of rodents, adhere to the regular cleaning of your duct works so that they cant find a place to make their home. It can be very unpleasant and embarrassing to have rodents in your home simply because you couldn’t clean your duct work.

These are but a few compelling reasons why clean ducts are required at home. It is easier to observe regular air duct cleaning routines than to wait for a buildup of pollutants resulting in dire and expensive consequences.