The Importance of Cleaning your Mural Air Conditioner

Do you have a wall-mounted air conditioning system in your home or business and don’t know how to clean it? Perhaps you never really asked yourself that question.

Here’s why regular maintenance of your air conditioner is essential.

Why clean your wall-mounted air conditioning?

Regular cleaning of your air conditioning system will allow you to increase its lifespan, improve the air quality and reduce your energy consumption.

Indeed, the quality of the air you breathe is affected by the quality of the maintenance you do to your air conditioning system. It is therefore essential to pay special attention to this, especially in polluted urban cities.

Many studies have shown that most urban dwellers are exposed to too many harmful fine particles. It is therefore important not to aggravate this phenomenon by helping the spread of additional bacteria.

An air conditioner works on the same principles as a refrigerator. A refrigerant circulates inside the air conditioner and absorbs the calories contained in the room’s heat in order to discharge them to the outside. An air conditioner does not produce the actual cold but extracts the room of heat to emit outside your home.

Some models are reversible and it is possible to reverse the operation so that you can also warm up your interior. In this case, the machine will work in the opposite direction and inject hot air inside the room.

As you can see, wall-mounted air conditioning works well when the air flow is optimal between the inside and the outside. Poor maintenance of your system will affect the quality of your air and will also affect the performance of the air conditioning system itself. If the dust builds up, the air gets stuck and there is no more hot or cold effect in your home.

The more time passes, the more this dust will get embedded and infiltrate your air conditioner. It will then reach the engine and cause irreversible damage. The entire wall-mounted air conditioning system will have to be changed.

Just as you do not want to expose yourself to poor air quality, you also want to prevent additional costs related to changing your air conditioner.

Without getting there, a dirty air conditioner will first consume much more energy than a well-maintained air conditioner. This is not only bad for the planet, but also for your wallet. The energy bill will only be inflated.

As you can see, the maintenance of an air conditioner is essential to safeguard your health but is also a guarantee of savings in the long term. Having your wall-mounted air conditioning cleaned allows you to avoid bad functions, fouling, and complete shutdown of your machine.

When should I call for a wall-hung air cleaning?

A wall-mounted air conditioner cleaning is not to be taken lightly. Although the frequency of cleaning depends on the needs of each individual, the external environment, their type of air conditioner and the use they make of it.

For example, it was observed that the presence of domestic animals contributed to the damage caused to the air conditioner because the dust level was greatly increased.

The usual recommendations are around a professional cleaning every 4 or 5 years. If you are unsure of the state of your wall-mounted air conditioner and where it is from, there are several options.

If you know a little, quickly look at the cooling coil and the filter of your system to get an estimate of the general condition.

If you don’t feel like doing this, call one of our professionals to set up a guided review over the phone. The latter can guide you and help you in the diagnosis of voting material.

Whatever happens, if your air conditioning system has lost performance, if it produces abnormal noises, if you can observe particles or dust as well as drops of water or if it emits bad odors: don’t wait any longer! It is urgent to clean it.

How do you clean a dirty air conditioner?

Many websites detail various procedures to clean its wall-mounted air conditioning system. In reality, each air conditioning is different and the method adopted differs depending on the model you have.

Detailed instructions can be found in the manuals provided with your device. In this manual, the different components of your wall-mounted air conditioning are detailed.

However it is good to remember that many precautions must be taken to protect the various electrical components, but also for a complete cleaning.

Therefore, it is recommended to call on cleaning experts to ensure that the procedure runs smoothly.

They are the only ones who can perform various in-depth tests and guarantee the state of your machine. Our experts travel to your home to help you make the necessary diagnoses.

They will then clean your machine, while protecting your living space. The installation of a protection system is included in our service.

An air conditioner cleaning is quite fast and efficient; it takes on average an hour and a half.

Various solutions applied by the technician will prevent the formation of mould and bacteria in the apparatus to guarantee the purity of the air.

You want to live in a sparkling house of cleanliness? Contact us now!

We are a dedicated wall-mounted air conditioner cleaning company, qualified because of its years of experience and knowledge of the field. We are committed to providing quality service to our clients and achieving the best possible results.

After our cleaning, your air conditioning wall until will be as good as new and cleaned of all its dirt and bacteria. Our experts are available and at your disposal, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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