How to Remove Stains and Odors from Your Carpet?

Carpets lose their aesthetic appeal when they are stained. The last thing you want is for your carpets and rugs to accumulate so many stains that the only solution is to replace them. That’s why it pays to know how to do effective carpet cleaning for every kind of stain the moment you see it. Stains on carpets should be removed as soon as they happen or shortly thereafter. The longer they sit the harder they are to remove. Here is a brief look at how you can deal with common stains on your carpets:

Removing Red Wine Stains

Red wine has a way of ruining the look of a carpet. If you happen to spill red wine on your carpet, start by blotting the spill with a damp cloth or towel. This is to help you remove as much wine from the carpet as possible. Once the excess wine is removed, the next step is to use a carpet stain remover. There are many such products on the market today, but before you use any, be sure to try it out on a small hidden portion of the carpet to test for colour fastness. Spray enough stain remover to cover the affected area, and allow it to stand for about ten minutes. Then use a damp cloth or towel to blot the area until the stain is removed. Trying to scrub the stain out may not be very effective. If the stain persists you can enlist the services of an area rug cleaning expert.

Removing Stains Caused by Pet Urine

If you have pets at home, and you also have carpets on your floor, then you have to learn how to remove stains caused by pet urine since it will be a normal occurrence in your home. Immediately you see the spots or spills of the pets’ urine, blot it using a color-safe material to absorb the wetness. The next step is to use a stain remover that has been specifically designed for the mess created by pets on the carpets. As with the first case, be sure to blot and not scrub.

Getting Rid of Odours

Fouls smells in a carpet can make the entire room inhabitable. Most smells will go away when you deal with their source. However, if they persist you may need to do an extra treatment. One of these treatments is to give the affected area a generous sprinkle of baking soda and then vacuum it up after about thirty minutes. If the smell persists, repeat the treatment again. If you can’t remove it completely, consider hiring a carpet cleaning Montreal expert to come and help you out.