How to clean a wall mounted air conditioner

Wall Mount Air Conditioner Cleaning 101

It is important for every homeowner to maintain decent air quality at home. For this reason, air conditioners are one of the most popular home appliances. However, for you to get the most from your air conditioning unit, you need to not only keep it in good working condition, but also clean it up regularly, to ensure that the quality of the air passing through it is not compromised in any way.

With regular use, the filters inside the air conditioner will get clogged, and it may even collect moisture, creating the right conditions for the propagation of mold. Also, keeping your air conditioner in good shape will also go a long way in extending its life, since it will be operating at maximum efficiency. If you have a wall mounted air conditioner in your home, then read below to find out everything you need to know about cleaning it.

The Tools Needed

In order to ensure good ac cleaning, you will need a set of tools to help you get the job done properly. Before you start the actual cleaning process, make sure to grab a hygienic vacuum, an AC fin comb, a full spray bottle, an antifungal cleaning spray, a soft brush, and some soap.

For your convenience and personal safety, it is also recommended that you get a pair of rubber gloves, a face mask, and a flashlight. These are some of the basic tools that you will need, to ensure a successful wall mount ac cleaning.

Before You Get Started, Turn Off The AC Unit

Attempting to clean the air conditioner while it is still running can be detrimental to you in a number of ways. This sounds like it may not require a reminder, but sadly, it is a mistake made by so many people, the majority of the time. You have to disconnect all power sources from your unit before you can begin the cleaning. If possible, isolate the unit by turning off the power in the room, with the help of a circuit breaker located on the circuit panel.

Clean The Air Conditioner’s Outdoor Unit

Wall mount ac cleaning should always start with the exterior. Before you open up your unit to begin the actual cleaning process, you need to ensure that the area around the unit is clean. This is because most of the dirt you will usually find affecting the unit, will normally come from the environment.

Therefore, check the area around the unit, and ensure that it is free from leaves, trash, grass, and other forms of litter that may be easily blown up into the unit. Once this is done, then you can move on to the following:

Wipe The Cabinet’s Exterior

Use a damp cloth to carefully wipe the exterior of your wall mounted air conditioner. With a cleaning solution or just ordinary soap and water, remove any tough dirt on the surface, then wipe with fresh clean water, before drying with a towel.

Air filters

To clean your air filter, you will need to remove it from the unit. Start by rinsing it under running water or with a garden hose. Gently wash the filter with soapy water. Before putting it back, let it air dry to remove moisture from it.

Clean The Blades

Once you are done cleaning the exterior, open up the unit so that you can access the fan blades. Again, with a damp cloth, carefully and gently wipe the blades to remove all the dust and any other dried-up dirt that might be sticking to them.

Check The Fins

While doing wall mount ac cleaning, it is also a good time to check the condenser fins to ensure that they are not bent. Should you find that they are bent, use a fin comb to straighten them. With the help of the brush, clean the fins gently and precisely after straightening. Be very careful since the fins are sometimes brittle, and exerting excessive cleaning power may end up damaging them.

Coil maintenance

To keep your air conditioner running smoothly, it’s essential to clean both the evaporator coils and the condenser coil. Start by spraying the coils with a mixture of water and mild detergent. Then soak the coils for a few minutes to loosen the debris. Regularly cleaning the condenser coil, in particular, can enhance the efficiency and longevity of your wall-mounted air conditioner.

Vacuum The Remainder of The Interior

At this stage, the next step is to vacuum the remainder of the interior. With proper vacuuming, you will get to blast away any dirt or dust that might have settled inside the unit. Once you are through with this, you can start to reassemble the unit and reconnect it back to the power outlet.

Clean the Indoor Unit

To clean your air conditioning unit, start by wiping the surface with a damp cloth. Once you’ve done that, open the unit’s front panel and remove the filters. Wash the filters with soapy water after taking them out, then dry them off completely. You can also use a coil cleaner without rinsing to remove all the gunk on your AC unit’s coils. When it’s time to flush out the drain line, first unplug the hose from your indoor unit and let it air-dry an hour. After that, reconnect it and let everything drain properly.

The Frequency of Cleaning

Air conditioning cleaning is important, but knowing when to clean it is also equally important. The general recommendation is that you need to clean your unit once every autumn. This also apply to HVAC system to keep it in good working condition, and also to extend its lifespan.

Whereas this is a great recommendation, nothing stops you from cleaning it at any other time. For example, if you can visibly notice that it is dirty, then the best thing to do is to simply clean it to avoid the further accumulation of more dirt. Therefore, you can adopt any cleaning frequency you like, based on the current status of the unit.


Doing It Yourself or Calling for Professional Help

Not everyone may be well equipped to successfully clean a wall mounted air conditioner. This is especially true if you have never done it before, or you are not just properly supplied to do the cleaning. On some occasions, you may not have the time, or simply the interest to do the cleaning. In such a case, the prudent thing to do is call for air conditioning repair experts to come and help with the cleaning.

The professionals will not only guarantee good cleaning results, but they will also take the time to inspect the unit for any potential breakdown. They will be in a position to identify problems before they occur, and then offer the necessary remedy. Whether it is changing the fins or checking the coolant levels, the professionals are best poised to help with that at the time of cleaning.

Get Professional Air Conditioner Cleaning Help Now

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