Here’s When You Need to Clean Your Air Ducts

Regularly cleaning the air ducts at home is very important as there are several health, safety and economic reasons that could potentially develop if neglected. We address all concerns in this article which will help you find your way.

At least once every 5 years!

Generally, it has been observed that if there are no other circumstances that produce any dirt, ventilation ducts become naturally dirty after 5 years. This is an estimated period of time and cannot be generalized, as the ducts are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and as some areas are more likely to develop dirt quicker. This is why the entire system should be regularly checked for dust. Dirt may originate in one location, yet make its way across the house over time.

A suitable season for cleaning?

There is no particular season that is ideal for cleaning air ducts – cleaning can be done year round. However, understand that if you live in an area where the dust is heavier during one particular season, take note. That is, cleaning during the dusty season seems like a useless job since the dust is permanent. It is better to wait for other seasons unless there is an emergency.
One money-saving trick is to look out for the provider’s promotional period, as this is the time of year where a significant discount can be applied to a cleaning.
When returning from a long trip and the house has been left uninhabited and unmaintained, air quality can be compromised. Check the ducts to make sure there is no dust in them.

The Particularity of the Filters

It’s important to note that cleaning the filters cannot take place every five years. They should be replaced according to their use and the manufacturer’s instructions. In some cases, they do not need to be replaced but simply cleaned frequently and independently of the system.
Checking the condition of the filters as well as the ducts is not complicated – in fact, you can do it yourself. The grille can be easily removed, and then dust deposits can be cleaned with ease.

Clean up when there is Frequent Discomfort in the House

From a health perspective, pay attention to how inhabitants physically react to their environment. The human body often signals when it’s in discomfort, and a dirty house is bad news for individuals that have allergies. Unfortunately it is even worse if there is an asthmatic in the vicinity. The frequency of attacks and other symptoms should point to the air duct; under these conditions it is better to clean your ducts regularly.

Clean up after a renovation

Sooner or later, a house needs to undergo renovation work that often creates dust that is not always physically noticeable. Always remember to clean all of the air ducts after a renovation.
This is a preventive safety measure, just as we do with furniture in the house. Very often people think that when the house is newly constructed and the installation of the ducts has followed, immediately everything is cleaned. Unfortunately, this is not the case as the construction will add more dirt to the ducts, therefore making it necessary to clean as a precaution before moving back in. Dust from cement and other construction materials can cause more physical harm than ordinary dust.

When you smell unusual odors

Dirt in air ducts automatically changes the air quality in the house. Mold and bacteria can form inside over time, and will start to smell slowly over time. When the source of the strange smell cannot be found, the ducts may be the cause of the change. In these cases the smell is not permanent, but materializes for a while and eventually subsides. This is very common in houses.
Imperial Cleaning’s professional experience indicates that residents rarely think about air ducts when there is an unpleasant odor. It is, however, a reality.

When you have smokers in the house

If there are smokers in the house, understand that cleaning your air ducts should not wait as cigarette smoke contains toxic substances that are deposited through the ventilation ducts. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is not recommended to wait for the presence of dust to proceed with the cleaning of the ducts.
Depending on the number of smokers and how often they smoke, schedule your duct cleaning accordingly. This will prevent double poisoning in the long term.

When you have pets

In the case of air pollution we often forget about animals, because we have the tendency to think of them as part of the family. However, this is not the case, animals such as cats, dogs, rodents and rabbits are responsible for many allergies as their presence impacts the quality of the air.
Review the cleaning frequency of your air ducts if you have them at home. They are both polluters and victims. Their hair and saliva contain allergens responsible for several diseases.
It is recommended to brush them outside to avoid spreading the hair inside that could easily infiltrate the ducts.