Dryer Duct Standards In Quebec: Essential Guide

How to Meet Dryer Duct Standards in Quebec: A Complete Guide

When it comes to installing a dryer, it is crucial to understand the standards of the Quebec Construction Code for the dryer duct. This guide will explain venting requirements, maximum pipe length, duct cleaning, and more.

The Ideal Dryer Vent

The design of the dryer duct is critical for optimal operation. Here are some criteria for an ideal exhaust duct according to the Code:

  • It must be metal, rigid and smooth.
  • Recommended diameter is 4″ (10 cm).
  • The pipe should be as short and straight as possible.
  • Pipes and corner fittings should be assembled without screws or fasteners that extend inside.
  • It must be connected to an outside vent with a damper that opens when the unit is running.
  • If the duct passes through an unheated space, it must be protected by an insulating sleeve.

Dryer and Exhaust: Quebec Construction Code Compliance

Good ventilation is essential for a clothes dryer. Exhausting stale air through an appropriate exhaust duct is a crucial aspect. To do this, it is necessary to respect the directives of the Quebec Construction Code.

Maximum Dryer Duct Length

According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, the maximum length of a vent pipe will vary depending on the number of 90° deflections (bends) in its course. Each elbow can equal up to 10 ft (3.05 m) of duct length due to the imposed airflow restriction.

If you cannot avoid using a long duct, the installation of an auxiliary exhaust fan can be considered. Conscientious installers opt for ducts with a diameter of 5 in (12.7 cm) beyond a run of 25 to 30 ft (7.5 to 9 m).

Dryer Duct Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your dryer duct is crucial to prevent the buildup of lint and other debris, which can cause fires and affect dryer efficiency. The connection duct and the exhaust duct require periodic cleaning.

It is recommended that you consult a professional if your duct is long and winding for proper cleaning.

Tips for Dryer Installation

Here are some additional tips for installing your dryer while respecting Quebec standards:

  1. Always use rigid metal conduit. Plastic or aluminum pipes are not recommended as they are flammable.
  2. The length of the duct must not exceed 25 feet (7.5 m), including elbows and bends.
  3. Make sure the dryer duct is properly connected and securely fastened.
  4. Make sure the outer vent valve is intact and opens properly.
  5. Avoid connecting your dryer with flexible duct. It will show many creases and extend the drying time.
  6. Before installing the pipe, read the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any future problems.
  7. Check regularly for lint or lint buildup. This will reduce the risk of fire and improve drying time.


By complying with these standards of the Quebec Construction Code, you guarantee adequate venting for your dryer, which translates into more efficient operation and an extended life of your appliance. Remember that regular maintenance, including duct cleaning, is just as important as proper installation. Stay safe and make your dryer last!