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Does your company have a dryer? If so, you have a hidden hazard! Dryers, especially those that are used frequently for commercial purposes, can accumulate excess lint and debris in the exhaust line. This excess lint is the most common source of ignition for dryer fires, which account for over 15,000 fires each year.

In addition to the fire hazard, excess lint and debris can lead to clogs and decreased efficiency, as well as additional energy consumption. Imperial Cleaning provides professional commercial dryer vent cleaning services to a wide variety of businesses with dryers.

Signs that your dryer vents need cleaning

There are many signs that your dryer vents need cleaning. The most noticeable sign is an increase in drying time. If you have to run your machines longer to get clothes dry, it is likely that your vents are clogged and need to be cleaned.

Another sign that it’s time to take action is the unusual heat of the dryer. A dryer will always be hot while running, but it should not reach a level where you can physically notice the amount of hot air emanating from the dryer or feel your customers’ clothes come out very hot.

Finally, you can often smell a burning odor if the accumulation of lint is particularly heavy. As mentioned earlier, lint is incredibly flammable. If they are stuck around the hose or drain, turn off the machine and call a professional to take a look.

How our dryer cleaning can help keep your business safe

Commercial dryers are sometimes overloaded with demand. Although they are built for heavy use, the volume of laundry processed puts a strain on the mechanics and safety systems if these machines are not maintained. It takes more than just cleaning the lint tray to eliminate lint build-up. The lint gradually builds up inside the exhaust duct, masking the problem until the system is severely clogged.

Hotel laundry dryer vent cleaning by our team is one way to ensure that your hotel does not suffer a devastating dryer vent fire. It is estimated that there are over 15,000 dryer vent fires in the United States each year. While most of these are residential fires, the percentage of commercial fires is far greater, both in terms of damage and business loss.

While fire damage can be contained in the laundry room, smoke and water damage can be extensive and result in the closure of the facility while repairs are made.

How should commercial dryers be cleaned?

In general, dryer vents in multi-family dwellings such as apartments and condominiums need to be cleaned annually. Most properties of this nature have an ongoing annual service contract with a dryer vent cleaning company.

Estimates can be provided for the cost of cleaning dryer ducts in a building at one time, prices vary depending on the number of units to be cleaned, the number of floors in the building, the length of the dryer ducts and where the dryers exit. Obviously, the more units, the higher the total price. The upper floors will require the rental of an elevator, which will also contribute to the total quote.

Reputable commercial dryer vent cleaners are equipped and experienced to handle properties of all sizes and configurations, and annual contracts ensure project consistency and predictability, making planning easier for property management companies and dryers safer and more efficient for tenants.

Benefits of dryer vent cleaning

Lower utility bills and more sustainable HVAC systems

Paying for heating and cooling for a commercial space is not cheap. Business utility bills easily exceed thousands of dollars. By performing a dryer cleaning, dirt build-up is reduced. Air conditioners and heaters don’t have to work as hard to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Implementing regular dryer cleaning services alleviates any undue burden on your temperature control systems. Rather than circulating large amounts of dirt, dust and pollen, cleaning allows the system to circulate air without resistance.

Proactive dust and dirt control

When new contaminants are introduced through shoes, clothing and open doors, they are picked up in the air stream produced by your HVAC system. Every time the heating or air conditioning is turned on, air is forced through the ducts and into the living spaces.

From there, newly introduced debris is picked up, spread and deposited both in the duct system and in the building. Dirt buildup is inevitable, but you can prevent it with dryer cleaning. Spend less time and money cleaning surfaces by implementing dryer vent cleaning.

Indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is one of the concerns homeowners have when deciding to investigate dryer vent cleaning. In a typical six-room home, up to 40 pounds of dust is created each year by daily living. Your heating and cooling system is the lungs of your home. The system draws in air and exhales air.

Normal home occupancy generates a large amount of contaminants and air pollutants, such as dander, dust and chemicals. These contaminants are drawn into the HVAC system and recirculate an average of 5 to 7 times per day. Over time, this recirculation results in a build-up of contaminants in the ductwork.

While dirty ducts don’t necessarily mean unhealthy air in your home, school or workplace, they can contribute to more serious health problems or harbor contaminants that can cause serious problems for people with respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders or certain environmental allergies.

Discourage insects from breeding

HVAC companies are used to making sure that the systems they inspect are clean so that they can operate at their peak efficiency. This includes making sure that all ducts are clear so that airflow is good. If bugs or insects have started to nest in any of the areas, the HVAC company will be able to spot it and advise you on how to eliminate them.

Health improvement

Home air quality is generally important when it comes to indoor air conditions. Dust, airborne contaminants, and toxic substances such as mold and mouse waste frequently find their way into heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. If vents are not cleaned frequently, these contaminants can be released into your home and cause significant illness.

Preventing fires

Dryer fires can occur when lint and other debris accumulate in the dryer ducts or exhaust vents. Lint blocks airflow, causing excessive heat buildup and, consequently, a fire. As a preventative measure, dryer vent cleaning eliminates the build-up of highly combustible lint that increases the risk of fire.

Dryer vent cleaning services

We understand that a dryer can involve more than just a home dryer. A dryer can be a large commercial dryer that you can stand in and can also involve complex systems on your manufacturing lines for drying freshly created items, paint lines, bakery items, etc.

On our commercial projects, we found 24-inch wide dryer vents completely plugged (literally completely plugged) with charred lint inside (a sure sign that a fire was at hand). Unfortunately, we were also called when it was too late and a fire had already started.

Did you know that we establish preventive maintenance cleaning programs, saving you thousands of dollars in equipment repairs and replacements and possibly millions in the event of a fire? We take the worry out of remembering when to do it. We also check to see if cleanings need to be scheduled more or less frequently based on the conditions found during our visits.

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