Benefits of Carpet Cleaning With Steam

Steam-cleaning your carpets offers many benefits over other cleaning methods. Let’s explore what steam-cleaning is, and what advantages it offers.

What Is Steam-Cleaning?

Steam-cleaning is a carpet cleaning method that has become more popular in recent years. A water-based method uses evaporated water to clean. First, the water is heated to an ideal degree. Then, it is applied in the form of steam, with a machine that looks much like a normal vacuum cleaner.

When the steam contacts the carpet fiber, it helps break up dirt. The vacuum then collects dry steam, dirt, and other contaminants.
Steam-cleaning does not damage the carpet in any way, and there is no risk of yellowing fibers after this method is employed. When the machine is pushed forward, water is laid down. When the machine is pulled backward, the water is removed.

By pulling the machine back in a slow and steady manner, the ideal results are achieved. Ensuring that the water is adequately removed will prevent the growth of mold and mildew that lead to unpleasant odors. Steam-cleaning is best performed when the weather is warm enough to allow for the opening of windows, thus speeding up the drying process. If this is not possible, using fans will achieve the same result.

A popular shampoo steam-cleaning method exists and will provide the best results. Using high-performance equipment and fortified enzymes, all stainable dirt infiltrating a carpet will be removed.

Advantages of Steam-Cleaning Carpets

Let’s outline some of the advantages of this carpet cleaning method.

Leaves No Residue

Steam-cleaning carpets leave no residue, such as soap or dirt, whereas other cleaning methods do. When residue is left behind, carpets tend to recoil more quickly after cleaning. Dirty carpets lead to the growth of mold, which in turn lead to foul odors and respiratory problems. Furthermore, steam-cleaning carpets significantly reduce dry times as they are not flooded with water.

An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Method

Unlike other carpet cleaning methods, steam-cleaning does not rely on the use of chemicals. The presence of chemicals in the home or work environment can be hazardous to those with allergies or other respiratory sensitivities, and can also be harmful to pets.

Safe for Children

Since toddlers spend lots of time crawling around carpets or playing on them, it is important that they do not contain harmful chemicals. Steam-cleaning ensures that toddlers are safe as they disinfect using water, leaving no hazardous residue behind.

Ideal for Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

The machine used for steam cleaning is easily maneuvered around the edges of carpeting, making it the ideal choice for cleaning wall-to-wall carpets.

Provides Highly Effective Cleaning

The highly effective cleaning results are due in large part to the high temperature of the steam. The temperature helps ensure that any dirt or debris is properly broken down and that any living organisms, such as microscopic insects or bacteria, are destroyed.

Superior Removal of Dirt and Stains

Excessive heat ensures that the bonds that hold together dirt and stains are weakened to the point of destruction, and therefore easier to remove. The vapor produced is able to access and clean the deepest layers of a carpet.

Kills Bacteria

Other carpet cleaning methods will not effectively destroy mold. Moisture is easily tracked onto your carpet after it rains or snows, leading to the growth of mold. Similarly, mold will grow when standing water on a carpet occurs due to leaks or spills.

The presence of mold, as well as bacteria or fungus, will trigger allergic reactions. It is therefore essential to thoroughly clean one’s carpets and avoid such health hazards.

Steam-cleaning one’s carpets will also eliminate mites. Mites thrive in moist and warm environments such as carpets. They feed on flakes of human skin, pollen, fungi, bacteria, and animal dander.

Dust mite protein and their waste products are known allergens. Day-to-day activity releases these microscopic particles into the air, and when we breathe them in, we worsen our allergies.

Steam-cleaning will also remove pet dander, cockroach allergens, and dead bugs. Lead and foreign particles tracked in will also be destroyed. Finally, volatile organic compounds from paint, cigarette smoke, and other sources absorbed by the carpet will also be eliminated with steam cleaning. Again, all of this is due to the high temperatures generated by this cleaning method.

Extends a Carpet’s Lifespan

By steam-cleaning your carpet, you can extend its lifespan. How often you must deep-clean your carpet depends on the lifestyle of your household, the frequency of vacuuming, and whether you have a light or dark carpet. In any case, a carpet should be deep-cleaned every twelve to eighteen months at a minimum.

It is crucial to clean your carpet before it becomes excessively soiled as the soil will grind away at carpet fibers and shorten its lifespan. As the soil is embedded deeper into the carpet, the more difficult and expensive the carpet is to clean. An effective deep-cleaning, as provided by the steam-cleaning method, will ensure that your carpet survives in top condition for many years to come. This way, you can avoid the cost and trouble of frequent replacements.

Restores a Carpet’s Aesthetics

A soiled or discolored carpet can ruin the aesthetics of an entire room. By steam-cleaning your carpet, you can ensure that it looks beautiful for years, allowing it to heighten, rather than hamper, the beauty of a room.

Quick-Drying Times

Steam-cleaning allows carpets to dry quickly since the amount of water used in the process is limited. This is crucial for carpets that experience a lot of foot traffic, such as in commercial or apartment buildings as dry time must be reduced to avoid setbacks.


We have seen the various benefits of this incredible and effective cleaning method for your carpets. If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service that uses steam, you can count on Imperial Cleaning. We are available for carpet cleaning, whether it is residential or commercial, we answer your call. Our products are eco-friendly and will ensure the longevity of your precious carpets.

As emphasized here, it is crucial to keep one’s carpets thoroughly clean, and steam-cleaning is a great means of doing so. Rely on your carpet professionals for steam-cleaning today!