Air duct cleaning in Montreal

Air duct cleaning in Montreal

Ventilation systems are quite important installations in houses for the comfort of the occupants. Their proper functioning is not a permanent guarantee after installation. They must be maintained by cleaning them to ensure their performance but also their durability.

This cleaning is also beneficial for the health and economy of all occupants and users. Are you in Montreal and wish to have more information on the cleaning of your air ducts? Do you wish to solicit a professional in Montreal to clean your ducts? We will guide you!

It is important and necessary to clean your air ducts

There are several reasons why you need to clean your air ducts regularly. The first is to protect your health because uncleaned ducts are the source of many respiratory diseases. You need to clean the ventilation ducts to ensure the improvement of indoor air quality. This is one of the reasons why you have chosen ventilation.

Ducts cleaning also avoids the risk of fires in the house and considerably reduces heating costs. If you want to have a good performance of your installations, you must clean them regularly. You should also know that unpleasant odors can make you feel uncomfortable when your ducts are not cleaned.

Who cleans air ducts in Montreal?

Montreal has no shortage of professionals in this field. You should contact Imperial Cleaning to find complete satisfaction. The company does duct cleaning in the South Shore as well. It has a professional team with quite modern tools for a more professional cleaning.

Just call and a great reception team will welcome you, listen to you, and be at your disposal. Imperial Cleaning will dispatch professionals to your premises to review the work and complete it in a timely manner.

Why use a ventilation duct cleaning company?

Ventilation duct cleaning is not a job that is limited to removing dust only on the surface. When you see dust deposits in different parts of the system, understand that the inside is also the same. Sometimes the inside is worse than the outside. The inside needs chemical cleaning to get rid of mold, microorganisms, dust mites, bacteria, and many other allergens.

Only a professional in this field has not only the right tools but also the knowledge and experience in handling the products. Imperial Cleaning has a proven track record of air duct cleaning in South Shore. Save time with a job well done.

How to clean air ducts?

Each company adopts its own method depending on its equipment and the complexity of the work. The method that seems to be effective is the Imperial Cleaning method: Friction-Aspiration-Pulsion.

The first step is to have the ductwork inspected to determine which tools are needed. Whenever possible, brushing should be done with an electric pivot. The brush is connected to a vacuum hose for added assurance and safety. The interior is well scraped at all levels to remove dust and sticky waste, which is systematically vacuumed by suitable machines.

Imperial Cleaning has been doing this since 1995 and has never had a dissatisfied customer.

When should I clean my air ducts?

If you can’t remember when you last cleaned them, you need to do it now. Don’t wait because your good health depends on it.

Generally, there is no precise frequency for cleaning air ducts. Several factors must be taken into account. The number of occupants, the habits of the occupants, and the use of the system.

However, under normal conditions, you should clean at least once in 5 years. Do not forget to have the installations inspected for possible dirt.

How much does it cost for an air duct cleaning service in Montreal?

It all depends on the complexity of the work: the number of vents, clogged vents or plaster, a lot or little dust… That’s why you should not only ask for an estimate of the work but also take time to make comparisons. Don’t always jump at the first offer.

Why not take advantage of company promotional periods to clean your ventilation ducts. It always costs a little less.

On average, the cost of cleaning ventilation ducts is estimated around $690. This amount can go down or up depending on the case.

What makes ventilation ducts dirty?

This is the question that many people ask themselves. However, the reality is obvious even if we don’t often see it. It is important to know that the ducts contain a lot of waste that we produce.

There is also the waste produced by our pets and natural waste. There are many wastes that circulate in nature that we do not notice. There are also some that are born in a favorable environment such as mold.

  • Geographic location

When your home is in a polluted area, the risk is great. In an area where there are seasons that are favorable to pollution, your ventilation ducts contain a large part of it. Your ventilation ducts are not always unoccupied: rodents and sometimes vermin settle there. They produce waste regularly, just like you.

  • Pets

If you have pets such as: dogs, cats, rabbits… they contribute to the pollution of your ventilation ducts. Their hair and saliva are deposited there every day. An accumulation of all kinds of waste is already a favorable environment for mold.

You should brush your pets outside to reduce the risk.

  • The presence of smoke

Don’t forget the cooking process, which produces fumes and vapors that are not always healthy.

When the building is occupied by people who smoke, understand that the smoke that escapes blackens the lungs, as it makes ventilation ducts.

There are several other factors that contribute to dirty ventilation ducts.

We offer both air duct cleaning Montreal and air duct cleaning Laval.